Rheograph 25 / 75 / 120

The Rheograph 25, 75 and 120 are new designed user-friendly High Pressure Capillary rheometer with over again enlarged shear rate range, higher test piston force (25, 75 and 120 KN) and a huge variety of options. The new developed Windows database Software allows the parameterisation, the online monitoring as well as the free definable evaluation.

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The VISCORobo is a fully automatic Viscosity and Melt Flow Rate Test Robot which feeds the test material into the test chamber automatically, performs the test and then cleans the test chamber, test piston and capillary. The VISCORobo can be used to determine viscosity curves, the melt flow rate MFR in g/10min and the melt volume rate MVR in cm³/10min of plastic, granules, "gravel" and powder. The gravel and powder must be free-flowing.


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